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Body and Lifestyle Competition

Body and Lifestyle Competition

Before you nestle back for this week’s read, please take a minute to scroll do down to do the very short entrant’s feedback form, which needs to be done by Wednesday 5pm.  It’s just before week 8.

Congrats also to Margaret R who wins a lucky Lotto ticket for the July 2nd draw, for being the first entrant to do it.

The Good, the Bad and Inspirational

Glenys Loses 18kgs…”I never want to go back…

Had another awesome workout at the Gym this morning. Charlotte, my PT, got me on the Stepper Machine wearing a back pack loaded with 18kgs in weight. 18kgs is how much weight I have lost so far (19 weeks). Didn’t take long for the heart rate to go up & the sweat to start pouring!! I can’t believe that I was carrying around that much weight every day. I never want to go back to that again. A great eye-opener and motivator. Hope everyone is having a good week, and keep smiling! Glenys is trained by Charlotte at BodyWorx

Liz -Warrior and Ironman Distance Girl

Who else is loving this Challenge i.e. doing the Ironman distance. Road 60k’s on Sun and ran 21.1 k’s last week. Just need to keep that up and hit the pool at some point!  (Liz, above, at Adrenalin Forest with her trainer Jean Scott and the other Warriors)

Amazing Amanda describes her most perfect moment

The most perfect moment so far….. for 1st time in over 7 years i’m under 80kg …….. 79.9kg and it feels amazing. Amanda is trained by Bronwyn’s Adam Hooper

Sue Gets Teary

Wouldn’t normally be someone who gets overly emotional…but had to admit I just had a wee cry (with pride) reading back through all the weekly updates on the 20weeks page to week one. Havent we all done so very well thus far. Jolene, Wendy, Susan – the changes in you ladies since the first photos are amazing, and I cant wait to see what Margaret looks like at the end cos her week 9 comparison was pretty darned impressive. Big Ups to you all Sue is trained by Sheta Shewind

Pascale Grows Younger

Just redid my “real age” test and i’ve gained another two years of life since starting the comp! yeehaar

The Classic Hits Crew

Susan – 20 Years Later!

Yesterday I went on a girls shopping day in Wellington. For the first time in over 20 years, I got into a size 18 dress. I didnt believe that it would even fit me… I was at the top end of the sizes, 26 generally…now I fit an 18 … It makes me so emotional to think that I AM doing and what I WILL achieve. Susan is trainer by Freya Thomson

Jo Lean has Lost Her Son!

I HAVE LOST MY SON … weight and more! Dylan my son is 7 years old and I have lost his weight. It hit like a bolt of lightening this morning when I was talking to the guys at work when we were talking about how much weight I had lost. The realisation that I have lost more than what my son weighs is so exciting. I cannot wait to see what the next 10 weeks will bring and what I can achieve in that time. Jo Lean is trained by Roger.

PTs Rave About You

Bronwyn Adams Hooper.

Talking about her clients doing the 1 Tonne Challenge. “All managed to lift over 1 ton in the hour easily. I had four exercises – bench press, lat pull down, squats, weighted step. There was 7 in the group and they shifted a total of 25000kilo’s! The least was 1920 and the most was 5093! I watched Amanda with 2 x 10 weight plates do 50 squats with out a break!”

Elly McGuniness

“Congratulations to Jo Cranefield who won a free cut and blow wave at true grit hair spa for her awesome exercise and food diary efforts last week. Well done Jo, and thanks Catch Fitness and True Grit!”

Jean Scott

“The Warriors stepping outside there comfort zones, helping them to achieve there goals Mountain biking and adrenalin forest. This week hot flow yoga.”

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